Eyeliner Mistakes To Avoid - Eyeliner Shapes - Common Eyeliner Mistakes

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Stila Smudge Stick Sephora PRO Tightline Brush

Black Eyeshadow (Kat Von D)

Eyeliner Mistakes to avoid - Eyeliner shapes - Common Eyeliner Mistakes - Video Recap: Hi, my name is Shannon (Make-up By Shannon Marie) and I'm a licensed esthetician and make-up artist living in LA! In this chit chat (unsolicited advice) we're talking about eyeliner mistakes to avoid! We're going talk about eyeliner shapes and go over some common eyeliner mistakes! You'll also get some tips on when eyeliner gets on eyelid, eyeliner hack products and eyeliner hacks for beginners! Hope you enjoy :)

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